The President and Founder of Congress-WBN, Dr Noel Woodroffe, invites you to a special Leadership Seminar under the theme, "Engaging the Body of Christ".  This seminar takes place on the 14th June, 2017 at #115, OOJJ's Commercial Complex, Buckley's, St. Kitts, from 9:00am - 5:00pm.

We are in a day when God is speaking to his global church. At the same time, the earth is gripped by unprecedented challenges; socio economic, political, ethical and leadership crises are shaking organisations, countries and entire regions.

This seminar will present practical, biblical solutions to the issues of our day.

This special invitation is to all church leaders and their spouses to come be edified and equipped to develop strong leaders and effective church communities. It is time for a new release of energy and grace from God in every dimension of life - personal, family and church. It is time for the light of God to arise and shine!

To confirm your participation, please register online by clicking register button below:

Date:                    Wednesday 14th June 2017

Venue:                 #115 OOJJ's Commercial Complex, Buckley's, St. Kitts

Meeting Times:   9:00am - 5:00pm

Registration:       Complementary refreshments and lunch will be served. 

For further information please contact us on: 869 662 4978 / 869 760 8909 or email:

We look forward to welcoming you and your participation in Engaging the Body of Christ for 2017.



Dr. Noel Woodroffe is the Founder and President of Congress WBN (C-WBN) and the Kingdom Community Network (KCN), a global network of thousands of church communities. For over three decades, he has been building churches and strengthening leaders around the world.  

He is the Senior Elder of Elijah Centre, a church community with headquarters in Trinidad and Tobago and centers in 17 cities around the world. He is married to June, his wife of 40 years, and has three daughters.



Congress WBN is a global, faith-based organisation committed to implementing God's purpose. With primary bases in Trinidad and Tobago and London, UK, Congress WBN’s diverse global operations are based on values such as integrity, humility, leadership through servant -hood, excellence and achievement through sacrifice. Membership spans global networks of professional groups, educational institutions, businesses, churches, individual national leaders and university students. Its activities span a range of values-based national and human development initiatives in over 100 nations.