UK Engagement Seminar

July 11-12, 2014

UK Engagement Seminar Report

61 church leaders, from a broad cross-section of the Church, gathered in London at Westminster Central Hall on 11th-12th July 2014 for the Congress WBN UK Engagement Seminar. This seminar is part of a series being hosted by Congress WBN around the world. So far, Engagement Seminars have been held in Nigeria, Zambia, Congo, Ethiopia and Nairobi. The two-day seminar entitled, “Engaging the Body of Christ” was led by Dr. Woodroffe, founder and president of Congress WBN.

Over the course of the two days, Dr. Woodroffe introduced church leaders to the current move of God and the principles needed for building powerful churches in the end-times. The seminar was both refreshing and redefining for the leaders gathered. The leaders attending the seminar were encouraged to press beyond past limitations and step into the fullness of God’s purposes for their lives. Dr. Woodroffe recounted the journey of the Church up until the present time and emphasized the importance of accurate leadership in helping to bring God’s purposes to completion.

Paul Lindo, Regional Coordinator for Congress WBN in the UK commented, “the most important thing I saw [God] do was redefine people’s identity, leaders’ identity in terms of who they are called to be. That revelation was having a powerful, almost tangible, effect on the leaders present.”

Scott Webster and Steve Schultz, members of the Apostolic Core Team of Congress WBN, were also in attendance and prophetically ministered to several of the delegates during the seminar. This was a powerful time of God resourcing for the leaders. It was clear that God was declaring their global relevance in building His church, whilst at the same time addressing their local and personal circumstances. One of the delegates commented that “the prophetic words spoke to where I am at the moment. God spoke through [the prophet], outlining some of the things I’d actually been doing in the past and understanding where I am in the moment and then pointing me to what may be happening in the future…it was a mind-blowing experience.”

At the close of the seminar Dr. Woodroffe presented the structures and philosophy of Congress WBN and invited leaders interested in joining to remain further interaction after the session had ended. 13 church leaders expressed their willingness to join and several others expressed a desire to build greater relationship with the Congress. As Engagement Seminars continue to roll-out right across the planet, it is clear that God is moving leaders in the Body of Christ from a place of isolation to a one of new identity and global relevance.